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The Irregulars: Poetry Prompt

Irregular verbs are the bane of foreign language students, no matter what language you are trying to learn. I have had students from all over the globe, many of them extraordinarily proficient at English grammar, completely bewildered by irregular verbs in English, and wanting desperately for me to provide a reason behind and an easy way to remember. As far as I know, there are none. Sorry!

For this week's very simple writing prompt, I want you to create a piece that uses three forms of one irregular verb. I have a few examples below, but feel free to choose your own.


mistake, mistook, mistaken

sink, sank, sunk

blow, blew, blown

ride, rode, ridden

wake, woke, waken

draw, drew, drawn

hide, hid, hidden

swim, swam, swum

fall, fell, fallen

begin, began, begun

take, took, taken

Have fun being irregular!

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