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Path of Totality: Prompt

First, please read Niina Pollari's stunning poem that is posted on my blog today. Then go buy her book. Then come back here and do this prompt.

I could not NOT post this poem this week, given our current eclipse fever. And although Pollari's poem features an eclipse in her poem, the piece itself is not actually about an eclipse. And the title of the poem, which is also the title of the book in which this poem appears, means So Much More in both the poem and the book as a whole.

Your prompt for this week is to take a term from science or math and create a piece of writing/art that meshes the literal sense of that phrase with a highly metaphoric, personal and/or symbolic sense.

In case you did not hang onto your math and science textbooks and you don't feel like doing any research, I have listed a few below.

Equilibrium: the physical state in which forces and changes occur in opposite and off-setting directions.

Form and Function: complimentary aspects of objects, organisms, and systems in the natural world.

Biochemical conversion: the changing of organic matter into other chemical forms.

Closing the Loop: a link in the circular chain of recycling events that promotes the use of products made with recycled materials.

Point Source Pollution: pollutants discharged from a single identifiable location (e.g., pipes, ditches, channels, sewers, tunnels, containers of various types).

Topographic map: a representation of a region on a sufficient scale to show detail, selected man-made and natural features of a portion of the land surface including its relief and certain physical and cultural features; the portrayal of the position, relation, size, shape and elevation of the area.

Altitude of a Triangle: a segment drawn from a vertex of the triangle perpendicular to the opposite side of the triangle, called the base (or perpendicular to an extension of the base).

Box and Whisker Plot: for data ordered smallest to largest the median, lower quartile and upper quartile are found and displayed in a box along a number line. Whiskers are added to the right and left and extended to the least and greatest values of the data.

Compound Event: a subset of a sample space containing two or more outcomes.

Ordered Pair: a pair of numbers that represent the coordinates of a point in the coordinate plane with the first number measured along the horizontal scale and the second along the vertical scale.

Accelerating Universe: a model for the universe in which a repulsive force counteracts the attractive force of gravity, driving all the matter in the universe apart at speeds that increase with time. Recent observations of distant supernova explosions suggest that we may live in an accelerating universe.

Perfect Lens: the perfect lens does not exist. Due to the nature of glass, light is dispersed when passing through glass. In the case of convex lenses, red light bends less than blue light, so the focal points are in different places, making the image blurry. A single lens cannot counter this effect.

Singularity: a black hole’s center, where the matter is thought to be infinitely dense, the volume is infinitely small, and the force of gravity is infinitely large.

Click on any of the website links to be taken to even more wonderful terms! Enjoy!

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