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Parents in Winter: Writing Prompt

Read today's blog poem, "Cherries in Winter," by Claudette Mork Sigg. Then, if you do not know this poem by heart, go read/re-read Robert Hayden's "Those Winter Sundays," which you can find here.

Each of these poems has a parent doing seemingly small, ordinary tasks for their families. But both poets expertly make it known to us readers that these acts are anything but tiny.

Think back to your own childhood. What was something that one of your parents (or one of your guardians, grandparents, teachers, neighbors, etc.--an important adult in your life) did regularly and without fanfare that meant so much to you in a positive way, especially if you did not realize its importance until you reached adulthood? If there is nothing you can come up with, how about something an adult did once that was especially meaningful?

If that is also a stumper, what did trying to recall something make you think of or realize? Or what do you now know was lacking in your childhood that was usual for other kids?

Our childhoods find their ways into the poems we write for good reason, and all writers (not just poets) will always use those years as fodder. Explore yours for this week's prompt!

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