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Instructional Poetry: Poetry Prompt

Using today’s poem, “Protocol for Wings” as your inspiration, write a poem that provides tips, advice, and/or instructions for doing something. If the thing you are providing directions for cannot actually be done (at least by you), is something no one would actually want to do, or has no definitive manner in which to do it, so much the better. Some examples to help you out: sleeping like a cat, making a love potion, killing the monster in the closet, flying, forgiving your parents, hoarding, throwing a birthday party for a child, or taking a test to get certified as a hit man/woman.

A few more examples:

Instructions for a Ballet by Maxwell Bodenheim

Instructions for the Proper Use of Ferric Oxide by Penelope Scambly Schott in The Oregonian

How to Take a Road Trip by Mary Christine Delea in The Scrib Arts Journal

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