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In the News: Prompt

For your inspiration this week, take a headline from the news--don't read the article (unless you really, really want to) and use the headline as your title.

Go from there, in any direction you like!

Here are some old headlines, if you would rather not use any from our current time.

Have fun! And feel free to add a Halloween-ish vibe to your piece!

Fish Have Feelings, Too

Space Pioneer Ready to Fly

His Weapon Sucks

Hospital’s Mystery Piano Man

Pistons Pound Pacers

Do Lobsters Feel Pain?

Grenade Was a Threat to Bush

Life Without Raymond

Robber Makes Himself at Home

Arcadia Cancelled

Everybody Has a Story

Why Some Homes Don’t Sell

High Price of Death

Why Women Love Nascar

Seal to Get Hitched

Sweet Lou Is Mighty Sour

Buddy Vest Case

Swooping Birds Attack Houston Residents

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