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Hope, Wisdom, Trust, Valor

Updated: May 27

Yesterday, my husband and I finally visited a place we have been meaning to go to since we moved to this area--Schreiner's Iris Gardens. Most of the irises in our yard have already come and gone, but the irises (and the allium, peonies, columbine, and other flowers) at Schreiner's were still going strong.

As we walked around, I started noticing that irises--much like roses--have interesting names. I modified my garden strategy--rather than just get close-ups of the beautiful flowers, I would also get photos of the names for use in prompts.

So below are some of the names (and some are accompanied by photos) of irises I saw yesterday. If you are writing, use the words in your piece. If you are creating visual art, use one or more of the words as your title and your subject.

And the title of today's prompt? Those are the qualities irises symbolize.

Care to dance (iris)

Dinner plate (peony)

Haunted heart (iris)

Come away with me (iris)

Here are a lot of other flower titles I found yesterday--most are irises--without any more of my photos. (I took A LOT of photos.)

Vigilante Sin City Find your fade

Picture book Other side of heaven Let evening come

Grand Canyon sunset Angel's rest Pagan dance

Restless spirit Speed limit Wildcat red

Candy coating Effective Foolish dreamer

Disco music Newsflash All my dreams

House arrest Invitation Cloud dweller

Volcanic glow Rasputin Drifting

But darling Garden lace Blind ambition

Lightheaded Swans in flight Engagement ring

Cabana Dragon seeker Red dirt road

Obsessed Pearl's night out Sweet kisses

Iconic Noticeable Peach jam

Undercurrent Plethora Exhibitionist

Gingersnap Dollface Blueberry fair

Blue rhythm New moon Immortality

Salamander crossing Star woman Ocean liner

Sugar high Mixed signals Dazzle

Of course, if you are ever in the Salem area in May, make a point of visiting Schreiner's Gardens. And don't forget the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm in April (Woodburn), The International Rose Test Garden, with blooms from late May-early October (Portland), and Swan Island Dahlias in August and September (Canby).

Have fun! Live creatively! Be kind, especially when it would be easier to be mean! Sing along to the radio (playlists, whatever)! And take every opportunity to laugh loudly!

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