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Headline News: Poetry Prompt

A fun favorite of mine as far as prompts is our inspiration this week.

The prompt is an easy one, suited for poetry or fiction. Since it comes from nonfiction sources, you could write a personal piece based on the headline, being careful not to take too much from the original text.

And you really should not look at the news article that the headline comes from--just write from the headline! This prompt is particularly well-suited for a persona poem and/or a surreal poem, depending on the headline you choose.

Below are some random headlines from a variety of sources. Use one of them as your title and write from there. I have linked each headline to its story, but write your piece before looking at the source material.

The secret's of China's "secret sauce"

from NPR

New orca listening post installed in Puget Sound

Breastfeeding in a War Zone

from Ms.

'My girlfriend thinks I tricked her into naming our baby after my dead cat'

from Mirror

The Only Place You Can Legally Climb a Redwood

from Wired

Student left behind at zoo 100 miles away during Alabama elementary school field trip

How to watch the Oscars on Sunday night

from NPR

Red River Miner publishes its last edition

What will we wear in the metaverse?

from CNN Style

Scientists Figure Out How Vampire Bats Got A Taste For Blood

from Huffpost

Leafy Greens in Michigan

Here’s how boa constrictors squeeze their dinner without suffocating themselves

Big Ray’s Fish Camp Undergoing Artistic Transformation

Indiana lawmaker wants to stop local dog bans

New Search For Lost Birds Aims To Find Some Of The Rarest Birds On Earth

To Anyone Feeling Guilty For Carrying On With Your Life Right Now

from HuffPost

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