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Creativity Prompt: Figure Out Your Unicorn Name

Updated: Jan 30, 2019

I am starting with a silly creativity prompt because silly is often a good frame of mind. It is easy to figure out your unicorn name, and if you are really inspired, you can act like your unicorn name all day, create something with your unicorn name on it, or create something you as your unicorn name might like and/or need. Have fun!

I'm Sparkle Dancer! Who are you?

1.) First letter of your first name gives you your unicorn first name

A: Magic

B: Glitter

C: Sparkle

D: Misty

E: Rainbow

F: Sunny

G: Lovely

H: Precious

I: Neon

J: Twinkle

K: Angel

L: Dawn

M: Honey

N: Twilight

O: Sugar

P: Starry

Q: Fancy

R: Shimmer

S: Bright Light

T: Cupcake

U: Princess

V: Dew Drop

W: Precious

X: Gracious

Y: Sweet

Z: Elegant

2.) The month in which you were born gives you your unicorn last name

January: Glow

February: Love

March: Song

April: Starlight

May: Blossom

June: Laughter

July: Wind

August: Star Shower

September: Fire

October: Gold

November: Moon

December: Dancer

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