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Catch My Disease: Poetry Prompt

Although a condition, not a disease, chromesthesia is a great example of this week's prompt topic. Today's poem--Chromesthesia by Kelly R. Samuels--captures this condition, which is defined as people seeing color when they experience other sensory information, such as sound.

This week, write a poem that describes having a disease/condition that is not widespread. You can write from the point of view of someone suffering from the disease, a researcher or doctor working on the disease, or as someone whose loved one is suffering from the disease. Stumped for an idea? Try one of the suggestions below.

Aquagenic Urticaria: people are allergic to water

Canities Subita: people's hair turns completely white as a result of stress

Capgas Syndrome: people believe those around them have been replaced

Cotard's Syndrome: people believe they are dead or they do not exist, or that they

are missing body parts

Couvade Syndrome: people experience the symptoms of their pregnant partner

Foreign Accent Syndrome: people suddenly speak with an accent

Hyperthymesia: people can recall every detail of their entire lives

Micropsia: people perceive their own bodies and/or things in their environment as larger

or smaller than they actually are

Pica: people desire and eat things that are not food and may actually be harmful

Tetrachromacy: people can see 100 million colors, shades, and hues

Visual Snow Syndrome: people see static, like an old-fashioned television that is turned

on but no show is projected (what we called snow)

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