• Christine Delea

April 23: Cultural Cacophony

Write a poem that mixes different icons from various cultures and sub-cultures. For example, your poem could refer to jambalaya and Angkor Wat, The Walking Dead TV show and the punks of 1970s England, Ella Fitzgerald and Freida Kahlo's Self-Portrait with Monkey. (I cannot imagine what this poem would turn out to be, but if you write it, please send it to me to read!)

For this prompt, I am using the word "culture" in all of its meanings. In case you need a reminder:


1.) arts, intellectual endeavors, language, religion, cuisine, social habits, clothing, entertainment, and music

2.) a particular society's customs, social institutions, and art forms

3.) traditional art forms and expressions of a specific group of people


1.) a small group within a society whose beliefs and lifestyle are different than the larger society in which they live


1.) the arts and aesthetics that are especially valued by a society and are held in the highest esteem


1.) the arts and aesthetics in a society that are considered common and popular and are generally accessible to the masses


1.) cell culture, tissue culture, and organ culture

2.) to cultivate cell lines in a laboratory for the purpose of study

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