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April 15 Poetry Prompt: Subtle Rhymes

The wonderful poem about worry below uses rhyme in a subtle way. There is no end rhyme, which, if not done well, can make a poem sing-song. "Bird Nests Used To Look More Like Fortresses" uses internal rhyme and slant rhyme, as well as assonance, consonance, and alliteration. This poem about worrying about the death and disappearance of loved ones, interspersed with facts about birds and their nests, is given an extra layer of poetic oomph by the poet's diction.

Read Martin Ott's poem below, and then do one of three things in your poem today: use subtle rhyme and sound, layer personal aspects of the poem with related facts about something else, or both.

Have fun!

Bird Nests Used To Look More Like Fortresses

by Martin Ott

My daughter just failed her driving test.

The cradle of the nest allows for easier

delivery of food and fledgling flight.

Worried about a call, a rude awakening.

My son just walked seven miles playing

Pokémon Go. The dangers of predators

can strike the hatchlings from any angle.

Worried he won’t look up in his crossing.

My wife just got her green card. The rules

of what keeps you close to loved ones

are in flux, flights to hunt for sustenance.

Worried a hawk can strike in customs.

I just learned about the degenerative disease

in my back. The aching of nerves, the notes

of birds outside keeping me sane on bed rest.

Worried about the cracked buttress of myself.

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