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April 12 Poetry Prompt: In the News

This is a widely used prompt that has been used for decades. There's a reason for this--it gets results.

Use one of the actual headlines below as the title for your poem. You do not have to research the actual news story that goes with the headline you choose; in fact, it is probably better not to. Use your imagination and develop your own "story" (if you write a narrative poem) or jump off from the headline and see where a lyric approach takes you.


Keeping It Civil

The Mystery Of Julian Assange's Cat

Man Steals Charleston Fire Department Pick-up Truck

Beekeeper Offers Tips on Beneficial Insects

As Cashless Stores Grow, So Does the Backlash

You're a Coward

Black Bear, Cubs Spotted at Sunday River

Beyond Crabgrass

Does Empathy Have a Dark Side?

Delta Cuts Back How Far You Can Recline Your Seat

Picture Kindness at the Grocery Store

Tusk Luck

Black Holes Are Awesome. Why Are Their Names Usually So Boring?

12 Years of Disruption

Buzz Aldrin Offers Condolences After Israel’s Failed Moon Landing

Northeast Minnesota Doctor Accused of Groping Patient

Critical Repairs

The Fascinating History of the Banh Mi

Snow Mold, Low-Hanging Branches, and Moving Asparagus

Guide Dog Struck By Hit And Run Driver

10 of the Best Things to Eat at the MSP Airport

Man Charged After Horses Found Scattered in Pieces

Construction Officials Urge Caution

Father, Son Charged for Allegedly Selling Diseased Body Parts

There Is No Deal

German Students Have Algorithm for Game of Thrones Deaths

Oprah Winfrey Thought Avocados Were Too Expensive So She Bought an Orchard

What Are Sanctuary Cities?

A Man Named Father Jesus Wants to Build a Church in Gulfport

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