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Non-Poetry Publications




The Hope of Time: Talking with Judith H. Montgomery

Interview, published in The Rumpus



Don’t Start with Eliot: Teaching Poetry to Students

Oregon Council of Teachers of English

Fall Conference

Lake Oswego, OR

October 2008


Odds Are: Winning Poetry Contests

Oregon State Poetry Association

Fall Conference

Roseberg, OR

October 2008


A Century of Fun, Firsts, and Frustrations (invited speaker)

Berea Professional Women’s Organization

Keynote Speaker

Berea, KY

April 2006


“A poem begins with a lump in the throat”: The Importance of First Lines in Poetry, and How to Teach that Importance 

KPA Conference

Western Kentucky University

March 2006


Up All Night! Twenty-four Hours of Poetry

Sigma Tau Delta Convention


Kansas City, MO, 2005


Great American Women You Should Know

EKU Dormitory Lecture Series

Eastern Kentucky University, 2005


Developing Yourself as a Teacher for Academic and Non-Academic Careers

English Graduate Student Series


Eastern Kentucky University, 2005


Life After the M.A.

English Graduate Student Series


Eastern Kentucky University, 2005


“The Heart asks Pleasure—first—“: Fun and Humor in Teaching Poetry

Innovations in Higher Education Conference

Berea, KY, 2003

(also presented at the EKU Teaching and Learning Center, 2003)


Whodunit? The Use of Unsolved Mysteries in Composition 102

Annual Rhetoric and Composition Conference

Bend, OR, 1999


What Your Bathroom Is Trying to Tell You: Popular Language, Popular Attitudes, and Indoor Plumbing (and panel chair)

Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association Convention

Orlando, FL, 1998


Cats and Dogs as Gender Metaphor (and panel chair)

PCA/ACA Convention

San Antonio, TX, 1997


Friends Forever: Movies and Television Construct Female Friendship (and panel chair)

PCA/ACA Convention

Las Vegas, NV, 1996


I Want Your Money: Women and the Language of Money (and panel chair)

PCA/ACA Convention

Philadelphia, PA, 1995


Special Session: The Constructions of Gender Panel

PCA/ACA Convention 

Philadelphia, PA, 1995


Vampires: Bad Boys and Demon Lovers in Myth and the Media

Women’s Center

University of North Dakota, 1994


The Use of Poetry to Teach Gender Issues (and panel chair)

PCA/ACA Convention

Chicago, IL, 1994


Lucy Stone in the 1990s, Or When Is a Last Name Just a Last Name?

Women’s Center

University of North Dakota, 1993


He Said/She Said: Team Teaching Gender in the Composition Classroom

PCA/ACA Convention

New Orleans, LA, 1993


Making Poetry From Pop Culture: Robert Hayden’s Aunt Jemima and Rita Dove’s Quaker Oats Man

The Linguistic Circle of Manitoba and North Dakota Annual Conference

Grand Forks, ND, 1993


Shirley Jackson: The Virginia Werewolf of Séance Fiction


Winnipeg, Manitoba, 1992

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