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Sunday, February 19

11:00 am--2:00 pm (Pacific Time)


Love is blind . . . Love means never having to say you’re sorry . . . Love is patient, love is kind . . . All you need is love . . . Love is never lost . . . A loving heart is the truest wisdom . . . Love is all . . . Ummmmm . . .
What about jealousy? Unrequited love? Regrets? Lies? Confusion? Doubt? Affairs? The divorce rate? Aging? Sex? Death? And just plain weirdness? Love stinks.
Well, maybe it’s not that bad. Sometimes.

In this on-line workshop, we will discuss some poems that look at love more realistically than greeting cards and Hollywood movies and then write a few of our own. 

This is a Pay-What-You-Can Event ($5 minimum), with ALL fees going to the Portland Chapter of For Goodness Cakes. FGC is a national nonprofit in which volunteers make baked treats for kids and young people who would otherwise not get a cake/cupcakes for their celebrations. For more information on this wonderful organization, click here.

After you register you will receive a Zoom link and a packet of poems to read prior to our meeting. For questions, please contact Christine at

Register By Clicking:

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