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October 1, 2021: 30/30 Project, Tupelo Press

The site is now live. My first poem of 30 is entitled, All the Worry in the World, and it starts off the group!

Read my poem and the poems by the other poets by clicking here.

October 17, 2021: Poetry Reading

I will be reading 2 poems as part of a Publication Party reading for The MacGuffin.

This will be a Zoom Reading at 7:00 Eastern and 4:00 Pacific.

I will post the link here closer to the event date.

October 2021: All Month!

I am honored, humbled, proud, and more than a little nervous to be taking part in Tupelo Press' 30/30 Project.


Each month, Tupelo Press, a literary publisher in Massachusetts, has a group of poets write a poem each day. These poems appear on the TP web site every day as a fundraiser for the press, as well as a way of spreading poetry to more people.


They refer to it as a marathon, and that seems as good an analogy as any. Writing a poem is difficult. All sorts of things can go wrong during that first draft or early drafts. Early drafts can get messy and be filled with all sorts of newbie errors. They can be too vague or too crammed with detailed or even be two or more poems suffering together in one unfocused poem. Sometimes, those early drafts can be fixed, often with the help of a great critique group (thank you, Pearls, past and present!). Sometimes, it takes years to get a poem to a place where I feel it is "done." Sometimes, they need to be left and forgotten, after pulling out any great phrases or images that can be used in the future.

So while writing a poem every day for a 31-day month is something I try to do and mostly succeed at doing, having those first/early drafts is a little terrifying. 

But I love a challenge and I love a great cause Support literature! Support small presses! Support poetry!

Once I have my Donation Page on the TP site up, I will post a link here. Each poet's goal is to raise at least $500 in a month, which maths out to a little over $16 a day. 

Whoever donates the most money to Tupelo Press in support of my poems in October will receive a box of homemade baked goods and an autographed copy of one of my books. Everyone who donates will have my sincere gratitude, and I may add some other "rewards' along the way.


Horus asks you to support his human mommy in her endeavors.

He also wants the folks at Hint Water to know that he is available to be a mascot,

spokescat, etc. for their company. Please contact his manager-mommy.

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