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Is it fiction? Poetry? Lyrical nonfiction? A play? A hybrid long before that was something everyone was doing? Yes to all of those questions.


It is simply one of the most beautiful books ever written. Published in 1923, it is typically classified as fiction. The book presents glimpses into African-American life in the United States at the time and each section stands on its own, et they are all also intertwined.

“Night winds in Georgia are vagrant poets, whispering."--Jean Toomer, Cane

Toomer was the grandson of the first governor of African-American descent in the United States and a pioneering Modernist. He is often associated with the Harlem Renaissance, but he disliked the label, as he disliked any labels.

Read Cane for the beauty of the language, the historical significance, the form fluidity, its importance in regards to American literature, African American literature, and Modernism, and to fall completely into a book that you will not want to put down once you start reading it.

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