Books and Anthologies

Full-Length Poetry Collections


The Skeleton Holding Up the Sky

Main Street Rag Press

Charlotte, NC





Did I Mention There Was Gambling and Body Parts?

dancing girl press

Chicago, IL


Moving the Language

Albireo Press

Horse Cave, KY                                            



Ordinary Days in Ordinary Places

Pudding House Press

Johnstown, OH                                            






Manifest West: Eccentricities of Geography

Edited by Teresa Milbrodt

"Drunk Scientists Measure the Median"

University Press of Colorado

Mamas and Papas: Mamas and Papas: On the Sublime and Heartbreaking Art of Parenting         

Edited by Alys Masek and Kelly Mayhew

“How to Have an Abortion”                                           

San Diego City Works Press

Lavanderia: A Mixed Load of Women, Wash, and Word

Edited by Donna J. Watson, Michelle Sierra, and Lucia Gbaya-Kanga 

“Brigit Sullivan, Maid at the Borden House in Fall River, Massachusetts, 1892,

Writes What She’s Learned about Justice” 

San Diego City Works Press


Sincerely Elvis

Edited by Beecher Smith

“Elvis and Nixon” and “The Vision”

Hot Biscuit Productions



Poetry as Prayer: Appalachian Women Speak

Edited by Denise R. McKinney

“A Hymn to Holy Days”

Wind Publications



I Have My Own Song for It: Modern Poems of Ohio 

Edited by Elton Glaser and William Greenway

“Fast Opera” and “Leaving Downtown Marietta, Ohio, 1983”

U of Akron Press



Prairie Volcano: An Anthology of North Dakota Writing 

Edited by Martha Meek and Jay Meek

“The Rug Men Come to Town”

Dakotah Territory Press


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